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itchy tingly groin

I get a itchy tingly feeling in my groin area on occassion but it doesnt happen everyday. I check myself when I get this feeling but it seems to go away for days and then comes back, could this be the start of hsv? Or am I just worrying for no reason, I have no sores....thanks
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do you shave? down there?
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I removed your other post since it was the same as this one. please keep all your questions in one post. thanks!

have you been seen yet for your itching?

have you ever been tested for herpes before?

do you have a regular partner?

will herpes cause just random itching here and there? no it does not.

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thanks grace, the itching comes and goes, I also have no rash or blisters but have not been tested.
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this doesn't seem like a herpes issue. see your provider for a proper exam to get better answers.
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