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labcorp said they don't use kit. Info and advice

I tested positive IgG 1.73 for herpes 2 and am planing on getting a another test done cause I do not have a sexual history, not even oral sex. If any1 read my previous post srry I was not tested for IgM, my doctor said IgM when he was explaining it to me, i didn't ask for a copy of the lab report due to shock. So I called labcorp to ask what kit they used on my blood test to determine herpes so that i could decide if I should ask for another kit or not; they said they don't use any kit at all and just used some laboratory machine and procedure to determine it. I was confused at this part cause i thought that to determine if herpes is present or not they would use a kit specific to herpes like herpeselect or something. Is it possible to test for herpes without the use of any kind of kit of those herpes kits for IgG?

FYI I also asked if they could test my blood with herpes select or biokitUSA since they apparently did not use a kit since those kits are recommended in the forums but they did not ever use those kits in their all their patient history it seems. It did not show up in their search. So i would have to go to another lab or ask them to bill me extra for them to buy the kit and perform it on my blood.

With all the complications im having, should I just go for the western blot test? I read that its really expensive and would take awhile to get results but it has a 99% accuracy. Honestly i plan to go for one if i test positive again at a lab. *not sure which one I'm going to go to yet, my parenthesis key on keyboard broken so using star* But I'm not sure if my insurance will cover for for it since I'm asking for so many test... Scared of the cost, scared of the positive result T.T

I'm really depressed and stressed out because of the problems and the positive result too. I never had sex at all, not even oral, no GF,  and had not kissed anyone at all since middle school so how did I catch an STD!! At college I'm a transfer student so I'm just student friends with the ppl i meet there and not close enough to even casually touch each other on the shoulder in a joking mood. I was not also near anyone elses blood except my own as I recall, on my ankles from my bike pedals i always wear long socks so when i get injured i see blood on them and i know it injured myself lol. I'm also not dorming but living in a house with with another couple. They stay to themselves and we have our own bathrooms, cooking utensils, dishes, spoons forks and use a dish washer to clean them. we don't share anything. If its too much info I'm sorry but i just don't see how it could have spread to me. My doctor is being insensitive and not helping at all, he is just curious... Said it himself when I told him about my research and that I wanted another test and the grey zone I'm in, "ok i'll get you another blood test, go for it I'm curious." He probably doesn't mean it in a bad way but it still hurts.
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If youve never had sex then you dont have hsv2 so obviouly your low positive was a false positive and no futher testing is needed. Dont waste your time or money and throw the test in the garbage. No sex=no herpes.
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really? I told my doctor that and he keeps bringing up the test results. I was trying to argue my case that I never had sex in my life and herpes 2 is and STD but the results. I was lucky i was in shock or else i would have broken down and started crying T.T
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