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laser hair removal and hsv 1

I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1 two weeks ago.  I am considering laser hair removal for the bikini areas.  I am wondering if I should wait a few months or if it is okay to go ahead with this.  Also, should I take Valtrex to supress an outbreak if I do?  What is the typical course of suppressive therapy for a cosmetic procedure like this?  Would this likely cause an outbreak?  
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I'd just wait a few more weeks yet since your initial infection is still running its course.  

hsv1 genitally tends not to reoccur very often.  anything that is a "trauma" to the genital area can trigger a recurrence but hard to tell if the laser hair removal will cause you to have recurrences or not. You can always start valtrex 5 days prior to the procedure to try to ward off a recurrence if you are concerned.  

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