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lips swelling. is this the first sign of oral herpes?

So late at night I was watching a movie and i touch my lips and I could feel it swelling. The location was the middle of my upper lip. I looked at it in the mirror and it was a tiny swelling, not itching or pain. 30 mins later i check on it again and the swelling spread from a spot to a swelling the size of a fingernail.

I searched online and I read that the first signs of herpes is and itching or pain at the sight of the herpes that lasts  for 24 hours before blisters start to form.

So are my symptoms the first sign of herpes, its swelling, but did not really itch or feel painful? I did not feel any itchiness or swelling earlier in the day either, it all of a sudden started to swell up and swelled to the size of my fingernail. the swelling is also somewhat hard, no sign of any white dots/blisters, and it does not hurt of itch. It kind throbs, but thats the swelling.

This is the second time my lips swelled like this. Three weeks ago when i was sleeping my lips started to swell up as well and I woke up to check on it. Same place, but later when I woke up in the morning the swelling was gone and for the following week no blisters. Cause the first time happened when i was sleeping and the second when i was awake at night they are somewhat different, but i thought i should mention.

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