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low Positive year ago after husband unfaithful

I have tested positive a year ago 1.1 index hsv 2..I am positive for HSV1. This was a suprise as I had a full STD panel including herpes run after I discovered my husband was unfaithful. I waited a year and retested negative. Then a few months later at my pap, I had another Herpes test run just to be sure it was indeed negative. The test came back equivocal 1.08 and upon retest by Dr 1.6 +..I was so upset and learned there could be cross-reactivity between HSV1 and HSV2, so I paid out of pocked few days later for LABCORP Captia test HSV2 type specfic- results equivocal again at 1.03( after testing low positive few days earlier with DOC)...Can you please advise if Western Blot should be paid for at this point? I am just confused how in one year my results are all over the place....Please advise when you can and thank you. No symptoms ever of genital lesions or outbreaks.
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This situation is perfect for the Westernblot to assist in a diagnosis. Large chance of a negative given the very low figures and no genital symptoms..
Thank you for responding. I am disheartened that these tests do not seem to be consistent.
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That is the case with most IgG blood tests whether for HSV or anything else. False positives are just a fact of life.

There are a small number of people who are equivocal on Westernblot and you are a chance of being one given these outcomes. The vast majority of equivocal Westernblot outcomes are negative.

Overall though, why do you need a test? Does it matter if you do or do not have HSV2?
My OBGYN refused to order Western Blot today..he said he has never ordered it and will not start..that he puts no stock in Elisa blood tests and that the Western Blot is not the gold standard for HSV--that it is the gold standard for HIV...He said without symptoms I should just accept equivocal as negative. I am really disappointed that any MD would not order a test for my peace of mind, especially when I am paying out of pocket for it. It matters to me if I have it...I realize the outcome of an unfaithful relationship could have brought much worse; however, I would like to know if I am truly positive or negative. Time to find another OBGYN.
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