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low positive igg, negative biokit, details


Here is a timeline of my experience, any professional insight is helpful.

11/8/2013 - last sexual encounter

No reason to test, but at a yearly physical i asked to be screened for everything.

11/26/2013 - herpeselect igg test. HSV1 5.0 (i have had cold sores before since i was a child) HSV2 1.4

I was told it was likely a false positive.

Around 12/20, I noticed an achey white spot on the tip of my penis, it was tiny (about the size of a pinhead, slightly raised).

1/6/2014 - went for a biokit test at an STD clinic, came back negative

Had the doctor do a physical exam, he looked at it, said it was likely a gland under the skin that was blocked (clearly trying to dumb down some medical terminology for me).

This spot has been there for three weeks, not really achey any more, but still there. Hasn't changed, there is no liquid, it is not able to be popped (like a zit), but doesn't look like a cold sore (i haven't had one in a while but i remember what they look like).

I am in NY which doesn't allow the shipment of blood for testing outside of the state apparently, eliminating a Western Blot test as a possibility.  What should be my next step?

Thanks - C

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The biokit test was about 8 and 1/2 weeks after last possible exposure
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Hi, test at 12 weeks but i would think being negative at 8 is conclusive.
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that's a little early for the biokit to be most accurate. at this point, just to err on the side of caution, repeat your hsv2 igg at 16 weeks since you are hsv1+

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