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might be cold sore but sure its not

dear doc,
iam a 22 yr man today my girlfriend notice this blister on the inner middle of my top lip, so the stress rose threw the roof at this point, well it was clear and relitivly flat so i thought it might be a healing glitch of dryed skin(been havin chapped lips) so i put some chapp stick on and left it alone because it didnt bother me it didnt hurt or nothing, then after a few hours it turned the same color as my lip but u could notice it if u were lookin, and about 2 hours later it poped on its own, now iam left with a pin sized red dot off to the corner of the blister and thats all thats left, it stings a tiny bit if u rub ur finger or tonge on it, but thats it i read alot today on it and nothing goes great into detail and the pictures dont match, i dont think its a canker cause its on the lip but almost in the mouth, i had a regular herpys check 2 weeks ago and was negitive ,but a female freind gave me a quick freindy kiss but i dont think she had anything and it was quick, could angular celitis or chapped lips form a blister?
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since it's popped now there's no way to see your doctor for testing.  When you say you had a regular herpes check 2 weeks ago - what did you have done?

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had a blood test done, now its just this tiny pin ***** thats red but not inflamed around it, doesnt hurt at all unless u put peroxide on it, thats the only thing that hurt the whole time of this, so its not a sore but it had that dam clear blister to start idk
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Peroxide isn't recommended for routine skin care.  

At this point just keep the lips moisturized so that you don't further irritate the area.

clear blisters right inside the lip aren't always herpes. They can be from trauma to the mouth area, spicey foods or even reactions to ingredients in toothpastes, mouthwashes, teeth whiteners etc.  

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