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my partner HSV 2 igm postive


Well my story begin from one month and half when me and my partner had unprotected sex (we are together 6 month now) , after that i noticed burning sensation while urination and ejaculation and itchy and discharges from my penis and we didn't make any unprotected sex again, I went to a doctor from one month(4-12-2015), the doctor told me i have urethritis and he gave me a medicine called ceftram to take for 12 days after 10 days i felt same but worst, so i went to another doctor in another hospital (15-12-2015) he gave me LEVOFLOXACIN for 7 days, and i felt so fine after without any symptoms. after that i asked my doctor to make STD test for me and my partner to make sure about it and we did the tests (29-12-2015) for all STD include hiv and hsv and all bacterial.

my results all came negative but :
2- Chlamydia came negative

My gf results came as following every thing came negative except for following:
1- Chlamydia  positive

so the doctor gave her at first a medicine for the Chlamydia single dose 4 tablets from 2 days.

but now I'm so worried about the HSV 2! how comes she tested positive for IGM and I'm negative while we had unprotected sex like 6 times, how can we do now? you think that this IGM of her is false positive or maybe mine is false negative?

thanks for your help
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I will try to help
First of all just because you had unprotected sex six times does not guarantee you to catch hsv2 from her if in fact she has it (she probably doesn't) I will say more on that in a minute.  A study was done on couples where only one of the had hsv2. The couples averaged unprotected sex three times a week. The transmition rate of these couples was 2% a year. Lets do the math 52x3=156.
So after 156 exposures a year only 2% of the uninfected partners contracted hsv2.
Ok now to your partners test. Igm tests are absolutely useless. All the experts in this feild
That I have spoken to do not recommend igm tests as they are eextremely inacurate. False pos is very common. Please disregard this result.
When did she last have a sexual exposure before you? I would see how many weeks that adds up to and check it against the igg test.  Meaning if you met 6 weeks ago and her last partner was 4 weeks before you met then that means it was ten weeks since her last exposure to another partner and the igg test is a great indicator she does not have hsv.

Hope this helps and remember igm tests can not be trusted and should be discarded
Well, first thank you so much for your help.

I'll tell you exactly because this things makes me crazy,,

First we are together about 7 month ago .. and I'm almost sure she didn't cheat on me. and her ex last time sex was January 2015 that's makes it 1 year ago .. so if she got it from her ex bf that's means that her igg have to be positive same as she got the chlamydia from him.

Second I tested negative for both igg and igm,, so even if transferred it to her we will back to the first point or my point which makes me also one year and half ago had sex with another partner ,, so how my igg still negative.

so I think as you said maybe false igm ,, just what makes me worried that if igm is false positive ,, so perhaps also her igg is false negative or my igg is false negative!

so what do you advise? she repeat the test, in fact the doctor advised her to repeat the test after one month, and i said maybe i repeat the test in 2 month so to be completely 3 month.
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My advice is to first take a deep breath. Then relax and look at rhis logically and not so emotionally.
  For the igm test to be a true pos she would have contracted hsv in the last two to three weeks. HIGHLY UNLIKELY.  Like I said before put that bull.... test out of your mind. They are again worthless.
Now on to your second concern of the igg being a false negative.  Nope, not a chance. They are real accurate for hsv2. Sometimes people get a false pos with a value lower than three. Not false negatives.
I know this is making you crazy but believe me when I tell you that the igm is worthless and with no outbreaks the odds are stacked in your favor.
If you want to take another test wait a few more weeks and get an igg type specific hsv test. Or contact the universaty of Washington for a western blot hsv test. The absolute gold standard in hsv testing. You can also contact the west overheights clinic in Portland and they can order it for you. It's like $200 but well worth your sanity.
In the mean time please try and relax. Enjoy your partner and be assured the igm result means absolutely nothing.
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Thanks you so much for your replies really ,, I'll take your advise and never mind about the igM, maybe after one month make another test just to make sure. :)
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That sounds like a good plan. Please keep me posted on how it goes
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Well, today her new results came out, the igg is positive and the igm negative, so now sure she has herpes? and how long it takes for igm positive to turn to igg positive?
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Well, today her new results came out, the igg is positive and the igm negative, so now sure she has herpes? and how long it takes for igm positive to turn to igg positive?
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Your original results indicated that you both have HSV1. This will most likely be an oral infection for both of you and is very common.

Are you saying her IgG result for HSV2 is now positive?
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yeah her new HSV 2 igg now positive and igm negative last time igg was negative and igm positive, so I don't understand, and after that i did a test again for HSV 2 also negative both igg and igm
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