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natural treatment options for herpes?

Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with herpes last year and have had about 6 outbreaks since. Not only are they painful and shameful but I tend to get fever and feel extremely weak the first few days once the outbreak starts. Before I got herpes I had an impeccable attendance record at work but now I tend to miss a few days of work every single time herpes rears it ugly head again. I would like to ask what works to reduce the number of outbreaks and their intensity. There seems to be so much info out there on natural options which I am inclined towards but unsure of trying. Which of these have you tried and which one do you recommend for me to try?
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Hi and welcome. The only effective remedy is to go on antiviral suppression medication since your having so many. They work very well.
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If any of the treatments you read about on certain sites actually consistently worked for people with genital herpes, more people would talk about them.  

Your ob's are affecting your quality of life. any particular reasons why you aren't considering daily suppressive therapy with one of the 3 herpes antivirals? Suppressive therapy would result in less recurrences and less severity of the recurrences you do have so you wouldn't have to feel so icky as often.

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