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negative but symptoms

when I was 16 I had 2 of the three gardasil shots. I had only ever made out with one boy and about 2 -3 weeks later I came down with a severe fever 104 degrees and had sticky EXTREMELY painful vagina with cut type sores and it was unbearable to pee. after a few days with nothing helping and just getting worse and worse with a very swollen vagina on the inside and very painful cuts all over I went to the doctors and they had no idea what to think and said they had seen about 1 other girl with those symptoms who also had not done anything with a boy but had had the gardasil shot. the doctor put me into the hospital for 3 days and I had to have perks for pain, lidocaine, an iv and help to pee. I had swabs tested and blood tested for herpes and all was negative every time they tested me. they would even have the students come look at me all together for experiments very embarrassing and one doctor kept telling me he insisted it was herpes even though I had never been with anyone and had negative test results my mother and primary care seem to think it was from the gardasil shot. to make things even worse they never gave me any diagnosis and still haven't. a month or so later I came down with mono and the sores came back a little layer but were extremely less severe so my mother took me to her gyno and she had no idea what they were either when she examined me. the symptoms come back once In a while especially during my period and this time it is worse than it has been. do you think it could be herpes when with the negative tests? I am 20 now and haven't had it checked since these times because it is so rare and hasn't been too bad again until now. please I am getting nervous all that comes up when I search symptoms is herpes...
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The swabs are pretty conclusive, as long as you had the swabs done no more than about 48 hours after they first presented. These tests require the ability to collect enough material from the lesion to grow virus (culture) or detect DNA in (PCR). So it's possible to return a false negative on a culture.

So my suggestions are these: the very next time you have fresh symptoms, go and get another swab done. Make sure they do a PCR, which is more sensitive than a culture.

Also, get your doctor to order the Western Blot for you by calling the number on this page:


It's the gold standard of HSV testing and 99% accurate. It will cost a little more and take a bit longer to return results, but it will be worth it. It will be conclusive.

Meanwhile, you might try some of the over the counter topicals for herpes. I've had some of our support group members swear by such topicals as Dermoplast, Aquaphor, Releev, and Abreva. Make sure you run these by your doctor first, however.

Good luck to you. Crossing my fingers that your discomfort resolves soon.
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please answer
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