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new cold sore

I have had a cold sore a total of three times over the past 13 years. It has always been the same place on my mouth and after the initial "outbreak" the cold sores were less painful and severe. I know that it is unlikely, but lets say for the sake of my question that this cold sore is caused from HSV 2 (i know this virus is typically below the waist but it is not impossible to have this virus above the waist as well). I do not have genital herpes.

I have just recently started dating someone new and I know that he gets cold sores, at the time we started dating he did not have one on his mouth, however I have reason to believe that he may have had one in his nose (yes I may be paranoid). Now lets assume he has HVS type 1.

So I wake up the other day and have a very big, very painful cold sore on my lip. This cold sore is not the same as my other familiar friend that I have been getting very random visits from for the past 13 years; this new cold sore is  huge, very painful and in a different spot. This "new" cold sore is on the opposite side of my face and is on the upper lip instead of the usual lower lip. I know that the HSV travels along the same nerve pathways and that's why it usually appears at the same site, so it got me thinking. How possible is it to have contracted both type one and type two both on my mouth? I know it may not be common, but I feel that I may be one of the lucky few! I know that either type can relocate to a finger, eye, vagina etc but what are the chances that at random I got a new (looks like the initial horrible outbreaks that you see on photos) huge cold sore in a different spot just around the time I am dating someone new who gets cold sores?

So I guess my main questions are:
1.) If HSV travels along the same nerve pathways how did it move from one side of my face to another and is now on the upper lip and not the lower when I haven't had an "outbreak" in years?
2.) If this is the same herps as I have always had, than why is this out break bigger and badder than previous ones?
3.) I think that because this outbreak is bigger and in a new place, possible along a different nerve pathway that I have been reinfected with the herpes virus opposite of the one I already had, this is possible right? Would this explain the new location and the severity of this "outbreak"?

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I assume you've been smooching your new fellow quite a bit? Probably that triggered a cold sore for you ( the trauma and friction of making out with someone new while it's all fresh and very exciting ). No reason at all to assume that you have hsv2 orally and no reason to assume that you got a new oral herpes infection with either type causing this "worse" cold sore. Sometimes they will be more severe than other times. The virus infects the entire trigeminal nerve ganglia and can cause lesions anywhere those nerves supply - like the chin, nose and lip area.  Getting a cold sore on a different area than your "usual" area isn't anything too unusual ( we all have our usual areas for ob's whether it's oral herpes or genital herpes - think of it as when you climb into the car to go to the mall - you usually take the same route but now and then you'll take some back roads or something just for a change of pace - herpes recurrences act similarly ) .

Hope that all makes sense :)

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I was probably over thinking this, I do that from time to time. It was just new/ different and it alarmed me. Thank you Grace. :)
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