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no itching, no burning, no fever...could it be herpes?

    i had a one night stand with a girl about 2 weeks ago. she was very tight and sort of dry (sorry for the graphic details). about to day later i noticed what seemed to be a small tear where my penis head and shaft connect.I ended up putting neosporen on it to help it heal but it i didnt look like it was doing much. i did some research online and found out that this was a fairly common thing for men when having been with a woman with little lubrication. i also read that since that area of the skin is very thin it can take forever to heal...at this point i should have went to the doctor, but instead did something very stupid!
    it had been about 2 weeks and the cut still had not healed, so worried about infection i went to the pharmacy and bought some antiseptic new-skin liquid bandage on it...BIG MISTAKE...about 30 secs after i applied it the area i had sprayed was on fire!..i hopped in the shower to rinse it off and immeditelly it felt better...i get out and dry off and about 10mins later i notice that about 6 or 7 blisters had formed where i put the spray..with in minutes these pin sized totally clear blisters look as though they were going to pop..that night i went to bed and when i woke up they were all poped and it stung really bad..
    from looking at pics online it looked like herpes.all the blister had turned to ulcers over night. could this be herpes? or simply a chemical burn?..that was friday today is monday and they dont hurt any more but went to doctor to get tested just in case...please help.
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this sounds like a reaction to the liquid bandage product.  

I'd stop putting anything on this at this point.

if this was unprotected sex, you can get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia anytime after 1 week post encounter. syphilis anytime after 6 weeks.  herpes and hiv any time after 3 months.

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