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not sure how to cope

This is my second out break of Herpes. I knew I was going to get it, because my partner has it, i knew he had it when we first met. I love him very much, But now i have a painful itchy rash thing on my crotch. We have a two year old which sometimehims i feel the stress too much and i Got this outbreak. yesterday was the first time i actually said it to myself and my partner. I was sad, scared, and unsure how to feel. I was a regular sex addict (using the term loosely) but now i have barriers i cannot have sex whenever i wish. I always tried to teach my partner it didn't matter that i still loved him. I showed him that i wasn't afraid to hold him or kiss him when he had an out break i tried to teach him that no matter what i would love him, all of him. now that i have it i am sad, in pain, and wish he would hold me and help me more but now i am just sad and hate that i have this.
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I know the physical symptoms can bring on emotional symptoms as well. If you don't have them yet, please do go and get an antiviral prescription. Also, out of curiosity, have you ever been tested?

You might talk to your partner and tell him how you feel. Sometimes asking for a hug is all it takes to get one!
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thank you so much for the help it actually made me feel better, i got lots of criticism from people because of wanting a baby when i have this. I also talked to him about it this morning about how I been feeling. and just started taking medicine for it. i feel some what better (not so squirmy and uncomfy) and yeah i had an emotional few days but today i'm feel so much better today i feel happy and not so gross :)
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Excellent. And I'm sorry that people are making you feel bad about wanting children. It's extremely common for HSV+ women to have perfectly healthy babies, via normal birthing methods.
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