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not sure if herpes or something else

I have recently noticed what seems to resemble pimples on my genital area, mainly the area between my vagina and anus and one on the side of my labia (lip) they are itch and painful. when i sit or wear restricting clothes that rub on them. These 'pimples' look like facial pimples, there are about 5 and do not join to one another like 'classic' herpes. There are 1-2 red areas inside my labia near the entrance to the vagina but I cant see if they are blisters or just irritation rashes though they do appear to be raised. I also have a very itchy entrance to my vagina and an off white thin discharge that has no odour. These are my only symptoms and this is my history...

I had sex with a man about 1 1/2 years ago and found out he MIGHT have had genital herpes that weren’t present when i had sex with him. (found out by seeing a cream in his draw that is commonly used for treating herpes, i was too afraid to ask which was stupid). I did not have any issues with getting an outbreak at all between then and now but I did contract Chlamydia from him which I didn’t know I had until i slept with someone else, who is now my partner.. I got treated but my boyfriend didn’t take the required dosage of the treatment medication and reinfected me. I assumed that the itching was from the Chlamydia and made an appointment to see a doctor in the next couple of days but yesterday these 'pimple' things came up and I began to worry.
I read that herpes can show up for the first time after a few years which is why I began to worry even more. Though they don’t look like herpes, I still have that feeling that they could be.
Also, this weekend my boyfriend and I had sex and it was not well lubricated and i did get a little friction burn that may also be causing the burning. But the white/grey discharge is abnormal for me.
I would reaaallly like to know what this is and stop the sickening worry i am having. It is a week before I can get into the doctors so i need a little advice.
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going to be seen to get these looked at is the best course of action. they could be very many things.

since you and your partner didn't have full std testing prior to being intimate together, you should cover your bases for the whole shebang. make sure type specific herpes igg blood testing is also included in your testing too.

have you both had your gardasil shots?

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no we haven't had the shots at all. and I almost 100% sure he hasn't been exposed to herpes (except me if that is what I have got) I just went to the pharmacy to get thrush treatment while I am waiting to see the doctor. the cream is relieving the itcy ness and the tablet has yet to show any signs of it working. though I only did take it 30 mins ago. do you think it could be thrush? would the anti fungal cream be relieving genital herpes if it was that? I have had 2 hours sleep as I keep waking and worrying. any insight at all BEFORE seeing a doctor. I really need to get my mind at rest.
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self treating for yeast is never a good idea :( women only correctly self diagnose vaginal yeast on average 1 out of every 3 times. thin discharge is usually bv, not yeast but now you have the cream in there that will obscure things when your provider tries to test :(

most adults have hsv1 orally and it can be transmitted to the genital area through oral sex. even if your partner was a virgin before you, they could still have hsv1 orally which is why herpes testing should be part of full std testing for you both.

hope you get that appointment soon so you get better answers :)
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I went to the doctor today and although he didn't look at it I described my symptoms and he said he is almost 100% sure it is thrush or a yeast infection. he prescribed a pessary and he also did blood tests for herpes which I will get the results for next week. yesterday the discharge was a lot thicker than it initially started out. so I am really hoping the pessary works. as for the bumps they have seemed to settle down a lot since taking the tablet I bought before seeing the doctor. the doc said that thrush medication would not have an effect on herpes so seeing as it has had an effect it probably is thrush but I wil post results when I get them as I am sure there are many women out there who may have similar problems and want to know what they are in for ! thanks grace and I know that self diagnosing as a bad thing considering I am the worlds biggest hypochondriac. I am a new grad nurse so I think I have everything !!! ha. let's see what Wednesday week brings
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i just have a few questions about my symptoms while I wait for my results as the wait is doing my head in.
I have been getting these cramps or aches down my legs, both legs symmetrically, that start at my bottom and go to just above the back of my knees then miss the calf and go to the heels. I noticed by reading articals that this pain can be nerve pain from herpes but it isn't shooting or anything. it is deep and hurts when I try to stretch it out. it is constant except for when I am asleep. also, does the burning and itching during an outbreak stay persistant or does it go away.? I ask this because the thrush medication has totally eliminated burning urination and itchyness. can thrush (severe cases) cause the leg aches? I found some articles that say it can but more articles saying herpes is the reason. I'm scared and anxious. I really need some insight. also, these pimple sores, still don't know why they are. no pictures I can find look like what I have. they aren't blisters, they look like popped pimple that still have a deep white head in them. they are clearing up slowly but I am still concerned. also, I have these I suppose you could say 'cluster' of 'chicken skin' looking area both sides of my clitoris. they have white underneath but do not at all look like blisters of any kind. it doesn't hurt but I don't know if it is normal. I know there are areas of this chicken looking skin down there but I'm not sure how normal it is to have it where it is. I'm sorry to go on like this but I'm 22, have a boyfriend and terrified of my results !
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many things can cause leg aches - not just herpes.  

usually the chicken skin look is normal skin that is just irritated.
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well my blood tests have come back negative for herpes. I am so relieved. Doctor said that the spots I had were more than likely an inflammation reaction from a yeast infection (which I initially thought I had) and that the Canasten I used to treat that would not have cleared them up and not have stopped the itching or burning I was experiencing. the chicken skin white areas I mentioned turned out to be fordyce spots which I have probably had since puberty but haven't noticed as I don't normally check down there unless something is amiss. the blood test I got was the antibody test and with the 90% accuracy of the test the doc said he is almost positive that if I had herpes it would have showed up. I know that there is that 10% chance of having a false reading but if the yeast medication worked then I think I am safe. after days of worrying and stressing I figured that if I did have herpes it would not be the end of the world. it just would have been a VERY difficult conversation to have with my boyfriend and all that jazz. I just was to thank you for your insight during my interesting time worrying over this. and I have for sure learnt my lesson. ALWAYS practice safe sex!
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