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odds of getting herpes, partner does have it orally

I recently receive oral sex unprotected(I am a male). Normally, I would not think twice as I always thought this was the safest form of sex. Ok, I will get to the point, Friday night things got hot and I received oral sex from a woman I just met(we worked in the same building for 2 years but only exchanged glances never spoke) and had never had any previous sexual encounter. Tuesday night we meet for dinner and she informed me that she had a herpes blister. It was about a centimeter below her lip on the left side. She explained that she had had them before and at one point when she was living in a cold environment she would have outbreaks monthly. This alarmed me because I get "cold sores" but never monthly. She told me it had "poped up" that morning because she was extremely stressed at work.
I started to become paranoid when she told me once she had multiple blisters on her face the area of roughly an inch. I have never experienced anything like that. Can someone please tell me my risk level? Do I need to stop all sexual activity for a while? It is now Wednesday, this happened Friday. Any info would be appreciated(yes, I googled first but some of the info is conflicting)
I started to itch today but I do this every time I have unprotected sex. What are my risk factors? Should I be scared? Any advice or would be appreciated. Neither one of us know if the "cold sores are caused by hsv1 or 2.
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It is most likely you both have oral HSV1. I am not fully convinced though that all her described outbreaks are HSV1.

The most important thing to note is that, particularly as a male, you are most unlikely to become infected genitally. This applies similarly for her. This is because your immune system is producing multiple defence antibodies to the virus.

An outbreak on Tuesday probably has no indication of presence of the virus during the sexual encounter 4 days prior. Avoiding contact with the area during outbreaks is advisable.

Outside of outbreaks, you're really in the best position both being infected and only a small, small risk of further infection.
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Thank you,
That's interesting, I was wondering if her "monthly outbreaks" were more likely to have been caused by hsv2? Mainly because the only people I have heard say they were getting monthly outbreaks are people who have hsv2 in the genital area.
I forgot to ask what are the odds of the virus being present during the time of the oral sex.(but you answered thank you)
I am still nervous but I am slightly relieve to know that my risks are not high.
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HSV2 is considerably weaker in the oral region. Breakouts for those very few people with oral HSV2 occur only every few years for those that experience breakouts. This is a much lower frequency than HSV1.
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