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ok..doctor right or wrong

ok...like a month ago my lips started getting sore and dry, so i put on some chap stick and thought that was the end of my problem. but that was not the case..after like a week i got a sore there and crust formed..(bottom left lip). i bought Abreva and ointment to put on and after a couple of days the scab was gone. to three days later another big spot on the same area started throwing out yellow looking liquid. OBviously something was going on and i went to the doctor. He looked at it and said i had herpes 1 or a cold sore. He didn't test me or anything. he gave me a 10 day cure of Acyclovir pills. I took these and after 9 days the scab (nasty *** scab) finally fell off. i thought my life could start again after hiding for a week or so. but then two days later it started all over again. And i had no more pills to take. lucky me!! sp i called the doctor and asked what is going on, is this normal. he said i most likely have been exposed to sunlight and the cold sore came back to life. but now after taking the pills for another 3-4 days, it is almost getting worse...more and more yellow stuff is coming on, even though i have a big crust spot on my lip. IS THIS COLDSORE OR NOT???? it shouldn't take this ling for it to go away...i feel like an expert on this subject after reading everything i can about it...but why is it taking so long and i don't see the light in the tunnel anymore..it is pretty dark in my tunnel right now...can anyone help???

thank you
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Its too late to do a culture of this, but chances are just as good that this isn't a cold sore as they are that it is.

It could be a reaction to chap stick, abreva, anything you've put on your lips.

If you can, stop the use of all of that, and see what happens.

If you get another one, get to the doc within 24-48 hours and have him culture it.  

Good luck,
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