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opinion about herpes in the throat?

About a year ago i had sexual intercourse with a woman and soon got a sore throat with phlegm and a stuffy nose. I was afraid i had gotten some sort of disease so i got tested after 6 months for everything and all the tests came back fine. As i was taking the antibiotics to recover from the sickness, i stupidly decided to smoke weed since i was a chronic smoker at the time. This caused the sickness to drag on. When i felt better and recovered, i noticed that I still had red bumps on the back of my throat. I had asked her if they would go away and she told me to have healthy habits such as sleeping early, and eating right and they will go back to normal. It has now been a year later and i still have those same red bumps on the back of my throat plus, plus located near my tonsils. I also now have tonsil stones that are consistently coming from my tonsils and throat... This past week i got sick and developed a bad sore throat and a stuffy nose. I also have a minor cough which i am assuming is to cough out the phlegm. My phlegm has been dark green, to dark yellow. This time when i brought the red bumps to my doctor's attention she took me more seriously because it looked worse. She told me that they were due to herpes. She referred to them as herpes zoster?? She prescribed me famvir and zithomax. I am seriously freaking out right now. I have had a horrible three years worrying about std's and thought i was finally done with that part of my life. I thought since i had taken the tests and they came back negative I would be fine??? Should I have gotten them to swab it and test it that way? Do I have throat herpes? Please help.... I will try to attach pics that i have taken of my throat.

Thank you
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I could not figure out how to make a url to go directly to my picture so i uploaded my throat pictures onto my profile. Just click my username and the two photos should be available.

Thank you
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if you had read our read before posting post on the forum, you would've seen that we don't look at pictures, regardless of the body part.

A sore throat and phlegm are not std symptoms - that's a common upper respiratory infection.  nothing you've mentioned sounds like oral herpes and the provider who told you otherwise probably doesn't see many primary oral herpes infections :(    did she even bother to do a culture to look for strep and/or herpes?

when you had your std testing done previously, do you know if herpes was even a part of the testing?  

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I see, thank you for replying to my post. The sore throat and phlegm im assuming are because i am sick at the moment. What i am worried about are the bumps that have been on the back of my throat for some time now. What you have told me seems very reassuring. She did not bother to take a culture for strep or herpes. She just prescribed the zithromax antibiotics and famvir and told me if the famvir doesn't help then she will recommend a throat specialist for them to take a look at. When I had done the Std testing I was tested for hiv, herpes 1&2, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphillis. The only ones i am sure i was not tested for was hpv (which i know there is no test for men) and all the hepatitis (She told me there was no use unless i did a blood transfusion). After I took the test i was satisfied to know i was negative with all those. The only one I worry about now are the hepatitis. But mainly hpv. I have white flat spots on the penis towards my stomach, where the band of a condom stops and I have been meaning to see a dermatologist about it but haven't found the time. Could hpv cause bumps in the throat to occur? my bumps are red/pinkish and round and scattered throughout my throat.

Thank you very much.
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no reason to think your throat symptoms are hpv either.

very unlikely a std is the cause of your throat symptoms.  I'd see an ENT specialist if it's not better in a week on the antibiotics. Honestly I wouldn't even bother continuing with the famvir. herpes symptoms wouldn't last "for awhile now".
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I have had it the bumps in my throat for about a year now. That's why I am worried it might be hpv. If you don't think it is hpv what could it be? Does this sound familiar to you at all? I will schedule an appointment for an ENT specialist . Thank you
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