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oral hsv-2 on lips recurrence odds

On Dec 8th I exhibited very risky behavior performing cunninglus (oral sex) on a female for no greater than a minute.  The lady was I come to find out is definitely a prostitute for 20 years or more.  She tried to have unprotected sex with me and I continually denied her.  I just wasn't thinking straight at the time we both exchanged oral sex or more than a minute each.  I am concerned about HSV-2.

I read where the HSV-2 virus does not like the mouth and recurrence is slim...I read where it tends to effect the lips and outter ridge of the lips in a similar manner that HSV-1 typically does.  Wondering if it does how likely are recurring outbreaks.  I am so worried about this as I work in a business office setting around a lot of people.  I have not had an outbreak yet just scared.

I am also curious if fordyce is a prodrome/symptom.  I have never had fordyce as far as I can remember I went to see my dermatologist and she said the spots on my lips were fordyce.  I definitely do not remember ever having fordyce spots on my lips in my lifetime.

Lesson learned if I knew a private strip club dance was going to turn into this kind of anxiety I went there with no intentions of this happening.
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in our read before posting post on this forum, we ask that you just keep adding to your original post instead of making new posts each time. thank you for your future cooperation wtih this.

fordyce spots are absolutely not related to herpes at all.  they are normal. odds are you just never spent this much time looking at your lips prior to this.

nothing about your symptoms suggests oral herpes.  don't let your ocd/anxiety get the better of you!  it's just not worth it!

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First thanks for the kind words of encouragement.  I would also like to say you have a super kind heart for helping unknown strangers about this issue you seem well versed in this area from me reading your other post/replies.

It is difficult to from what I am going through to combat the OCD I am on paxil to ease the anxiety and such.  I will read til my eyes bleed online and worry as well as look at pictures.  Kinda sucks but hoping this subsides in time.

Is there a chat room for this rather than a forum it would be nice if there was.  Not looking for a dating site just something to chat with others.

I have HPV was diagnosed last year and yet again I dont seem to learn my lesson.  I am scared as I know how common HSV-2 is and for whatever reason just wasn't thinking again.  Been super depressed this past week.  :(
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also note taken i will keep this as my active post on this issue luckily this time around I think my odds at HIV are super low unlike last time I went through this having sexual acts with an unknown person this time was only oral and I know this act it is super rare to contract hiv this way.

I know what I felt the one day with the burning and red marks in the mouth and soon clearing up no sores...

I dunno you seem to be the only person responding to my post and again I am very grateful I have someone to communicate with on this.....God rewards kind hearted people so I hope karma comes good to you for your work on this forum and others
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you are aware of your behaviors from the sounds of it ( as far as reading far too much and adding to your anxiety issues ) so force yourself not to keep repeating them and adding to your anxiety!  Turn off the computer if you have to. Go out and do something to keep busy.  Plenty of volunteer opportunities out there to help you help others instead of using your spare time to worry needlessly :)  

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as i said in your previous post too - mouthwash use for 2 hours will dry  your mouth out and cause these symptoms!  they are meant to be used for 2 minutes, not 2 hours!!!  
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thanks again for the kind words i will turn the computer off and do something with the mirrors in my home

I will keep you posted
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