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passing herpes to a roommate

I found out I have oral herpes sometime in October.  I had a one time stand with this girl and a friends 21st b-day party. Last saturday night around 11 oclock my roommate took a sip from my Gatorade bottle.  I am not sure whether or not I had herpes present or not, I generally cannot tell unless they occur in my mouth.  I have not discussed my situation with my two roommates and have been taking the precautions to make sure they don't get it.  Saturday was a screw up, he took a sip after I had.  36 hours later on monday morning he said he had diarrhea.  He has had it for a couple days and on/off upset stomach.  Could I have given it to him or do you think this is just a coincidence.  Any opinion would help greatly, its bad enough I have it but I don't want to give it to them. Thank you
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Oral herpes as an adult is almost exclusively transmitted thru romantic type kissing.  It's very unlikely that your roommate contracted oral herpes from sharing your drink.

How were you diagnosed as having hsv1 orally?  Typically reoccuring ulcers inside the mouth are canker sores and not herpes.  You can google them both for more info.

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thank-you for the response grace.  So you think this was merely a coincidence?  I was tested one week after intercourse.  My results came back negative for both hsv1&2 individually.  My hsv1/2 response came back positive but extremely low.  My doc said I had exposure but I was fine.  2 months later I went back again to get retested for HIV (had blood exposure from the girl).  It came back negative.  Then I experienced prodrome w/ stinging sensation on my face followed by sores in my mouth.  My doc looked at it and confirmed.  I had a question for you.
-I take 2 grams of lysine everyday, 1 in the morning and 1 at night.  Do you think this is beneficial or a waste of time.  It wasn't recommended, I decided on my own.
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Lysine doesn't do much at all for oral herpes. Most of us already get enough lysine in our diets anyways.

Sores in the mouth can be oral herpes, canker sores or even other viruses. It's unfortunate that your doctor just did a visual and didn't get a lesion culture of your active symptoms. It's been long enough you can either get another herpes blood test or you can just wait and if they return get a culture done then - either or.

In terms of the herpes testing you had done - the non-type specific test is pretty much a waste of time and money and means absolutely nothing. There's no such thing as being exposed - you either have it or you don't. due to the way they do the tests, you will not get a 0 as a result. sounds like your provider just doesn't really understand the testing well enough to explain it to others :(

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