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positive herpes 2 and negative !

Here is my question.  I just went for routine STD testing because I like to be responsible.   I just started a new relationship.  I have not been with anyone prior to this new person in over a year, and was with my last boyrfriend for 4 years.  I was monogamous but he was not! (thus he is no longer my boyfriend :).   So i got my test result as follows:

HSV 1 IGM screen and HSV 2 IGM screen both negative

HSV 1/2 IGG, type  specific AB Herpeselect:
HSV 1 IGG: .10
HSV 2 IGG 2.60

HSV 2 IGG, Heperselect W/REFL HSV2 Inhibition:  2.60
HSV2 IGG In hibition, Elisa: Positive

so here is why i am baffled -- I know I should be positive for herpes 1 - i have had fever blister and cold sores as a child not in over 30 years but who hasn't had this when younger.

2 I have never ever had any symptoms of genital herpes, no recurrent yeast infections, no lesions, no tingling , no fever, no nothing .

I am not sure what these results mean or why i would care, i understand this is not a life threatening disease, it certainly has not affected me in any way shape or form, so i would not go on any medication for it.    What would be odds i would spread this (i have never known any partners to be symptomatic in my past)  without ever remotely having any symptoms?  basically, the only thing is had changed is I have a positive blood result, because i asked for a std screen.   Could it be false positive? the dr. assures me that my results are accurate and I definitely have this.  true?

please give me your opinion
thank you
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Hi, it means your negative for hsv1 but there is a 10% chance they miss the antibodies but are you sure it says .10 as kind of an odd number. Are you sure its not 10.0? and your hsv2 falls into the false positive range and would need retesting.
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Yep I am positive .10 for hsv 1 lgg
And 2.6 for hsv 2 Igg
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.10 is below1.0 so that would be negative but maybe a type error. retest for hsv2 as most that have your number would be a false positive.
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