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possibly herpes?

With girl I knew later insisted she tested neg everything incl. herpes though she had nonjudgmentally strong unpleasant smell and may? have had bumps tho it was dark and had some drinks. Oral sex and unprotected one-pump penetration before stopping. Month later visit clinic, had molluscum. Thought I had seen a couple different spots come up then disappear a few times at different areas one at the top of pubic region one on shaft one between scrotum/thigh. Couldn’t point out to docs as most weren't there at the check ups except one on top of pubic region but was missed, thought to be molluscum, or not suspected herpes.  Flu like symptoms starting about same day 4 weeks post possible exposure mostly mucous a slight fever one day for couple hours trouble sleeping minor muscle aches swollen glands especially in kidney area after heavy exercise one day. first clinic said flu like probably anxiety.  All tests neg, though did not do herpes, only test if they see something.  flu systems lasted a week + maybe but felt run down for about 4-5 weeks, with a slight cough headaches developing 4 weeks later lasting about a week.8 weeks in nurse/doc? inspects close and doesn't see anything beyond molluscum gave me cream says the flu like symptoms could be anything but could get tested. Hitherto had no ounce of pain, discomfort, or itchiness, but did couple times feel tingling in my buttocks.  After applying much molluscum ointment for a week began getting some redness/soreness/itchiness especially after exercise and on urethra + area between groin and thigh, + testicles with sharp burning feeling on testicles at times, other times strange tingling on testicles.  Noticed tiny oval-like cut on the underside of scrotum that seemed raw to the touch, and felt burning maybe from treatment. 9 weeks Igg type 2 test negative
Could you speak to chances of herpes? If the girl was infected and was unaware or not fully truthful (which I don't sense but can’t know) would symptoms be consistent?
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None of those symptoms sound herpetic to me,  Is the molluscum treatment  Aldara?  That can be very irritating to the skin, for sure, and if it is getting around the genital area, that could cause some symptoms.  

Oral sex given by you would be very unlikely to contract HSV and a "one pump intercourse" encounter would also be very unlikely to transmit herpes.  

I would probably recommend that you retest at 4 months and if negative, put this behind you completely and move on with your life.

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the treatment was tretinoin, just visited the doc, and he said lay off and let it clear up..

is there any best approach towards testing / dealing with hsv 1?
before i was just tested igg hsv 2, now will have hsv type 1.
if negative also, that makes things easier.
but if positive, then how do you approach it if you've seen nothing visually, neither has any of the doc/nurses/specialists (when this could likely be oral)?
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I also got back results for Img (obviously non-type specific) at that same 9 week mark..

Would you be able to speak of what the addition to this test, along with the negative type II Img at 9, means for the situation?
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(..and failed to mention that Img result was negative..)
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Sixty percent of adults have HSV 1 infection.  Most is oral, but some genital.  Without symptoms, there is no way to know where the infection is.  

IgM testing is not useful and has no meaning for me.  

If you have a negative HSV 2 antibody test at 9 weeks, that is definitely a good sign.

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