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question in accuracy of tests

Dear Dr. I would like to know how accurate is a result in testing the HSV. I have read that testing Igg is the real answer.  I had only one sexual contact about 2 years ago and I decided to go for the whole check of STD eveything was fine except for the test for HSV Igg the first result was positive but they never gave me the values or parameters just the answer saying positive. I did not have symptoms neither in my lips or in the other areas ever until now.  I freak out and I went to my gynecologist,  he advise me to take the test again because he said it was incomplete.

I had a test again in other lab  and they gave me the following results  HSV-1 Igg  0,90 Eu/ml  and HSV-1 Igm 0,43 EU/ml (lower  to 0.9 negative, 09-1.1 Equivocal, over 1.1 Positive)  so both were negative

Then HSV-2   Igg   0,71 EU/ml and HSV-2   Igm   0,28 (lower  to 0.9 negative, 09-1.1 Equivocal, over 1.1 Positive) so
both negative  as well.

My doctor told me that I have nothing and the results show all negative.

I was wondering if it is similar to the test you talk about that one for Herpeselect, and if there is any chance that the results are  not that accurate. why would be the cause for the first results to be positve?  Do I need to have another test?

Thanks for helping me to figure it out.


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this is not the doctor's forum. you have to pay to post there.  

your tests are negative. there's no reason for additional testing at this time.

since we have no idea what test you had done the first time, it's impossible to figure out why it was positive and your follow up testing was negative.

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Thanks Grace for your answer,  the first test was Elisa. I have read that Elisa is more reliable for HIV rather than for HSV. Is that true?

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