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question on oral herpes


I kissed(make out) with a girl on couple of  different occasions 4-6 times more or less, in a two month timeframe, no more than for 5 min on each occasions. My last kiss with this girl was about six weeks ago. She told me around the 3rd week from our last kissed that she tested positive for HSV-1 but has never had an outbreak or visible symptoms.  I panic and had a igg hsv-1 and hsv-2  test at 3 weeks form my last kissed and it came back negative.

It is been 6 weeks from my last kissed with this girl and last week I had a sore throat that lasted for a week and went away and now this week I’ve been having a discomfort/mild pain in my right armpit or side underneath my right armpit, comes and goes. Also, for the last three days I have felt with my tongue on the top middle of my lip a lil more sensitive than usual. I really can tell if there is any redness or cuts.  No sore, bumps, blister or burning that I can tell. Some tingling here in there or it can just be me thinking about it. Today, I am feeling a very very mild sore throat that comes and goes as well.

Does this sound like the beginning of a herpes outbreak?

Can it just be chipped lips?

Was this a high risk from activity to kiss this girl that had no visible symptoms of oral herpes ?

Should I have had symptoms already of herpes?

Can my symptoms be caused by anxiety or nerves about the situation?

Should I get tested again? If so, when?

Any other information that maybe helpful?

Thanks again for your help. I have been lucky not to have contacted so for in my life and would like to keep it that way.
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This does NOT sound like the beginning of a herpes outbreak, no.  If you truly had gotten a first infection with herpes, I think you would have had different symptoms like sores around the mouth.  

You know, two thirds of the US population has HSV 1 infection.  It is very likely that at some point in your life you will acquire this infection, just statistically.  It is reasonable to prefer not to get it, but if you did, it is manageable and very often, asymptomatic.

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