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rash on legs, due to herpes?


i have had oral sex (receiving) from few partners, and had previous outbreaks of cold-sores. however, last week, i noticed a rash starting to spread around my thighs and even to my calf and ankles. they're red, and not bumps or raised. they're pretty small, almost the size of a pimple...

i also noticed around 5 small raised bumps on my penis foreskin, though they're not as red as the rashes on my legs, and have no pus or fluid in them.

does this sounds like hsv 2 to anyone? i'm getting quite depressed over this rash lately...
thanks alot!

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If all you had was oral sex then your chances of HSV-2 is extremely low because HSV-2 is rare among people in the oral location.  Best thing to do is be seen by your provider.
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Hi. Hope I am not hijacking this thread. But I would like to ask what are the chances for HSV-2 to be spread by receiving oral sex?

Thank you
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hmm.. im not sure though i believe i have some kind of STD due to the few pimple like boils on my penis head.

also, the red rash seems to be spreading even to my feet now! some of them are raised very very slightly. does anyone here have any similar symptoms or perhaps some ideas on what this condition is?
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