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recurring blisters on small of back

For about 3 years now, I have had recurring blisters and a rash in the same place - the small of my back. The area itches for about the first 24 hours then the little blisters begin to appear. It usually lasts about a week and grows to about the size of a half dollar before drying up and scabbing over. They itch like crazy and nothing I do seems to help. It happens about 2-3 times per year and I haven't determined the cause. My doctor tested the fluid from one of the blisters 2 years ago and the tests were "negative". I am not high risk nor do I have any genital symptoms.
How do I know if this is Dermatitis Herpeitformis, Herpes Simplex, Celiac Disease or something else?
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this certainly sounds suspicious for herpes. at this point a type specific herpes igg blood test is the best next course of action.

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I have had the same problem. For a few years now . I have had the fluid tested , herpes test blood, and a biopsy done . My primary doctor says its shingles, however I went to see an allergist and he disagrees he prescribed an oral medicine called prednisone and it helps immediately . However , I noticed I still breakout when stressed . There are usually only 2 at the most that appear in the same spot in my mid back and I usually have sharp pains in my upper stomach along with a mild sore throat .
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