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red itchy dry skin.

I have been in a monogamous relationship for about a year. Recently  I noticed my penis and scrotum started to itch and became red and dry and felt thick. The itching was very intense and i was unable to refrain from scratching because to scratch made it feel much better for a moment but after scratching the itchiness would be much worse. shortly after that, my lower legs ans thighs started to get very itchy as well as my arms in the creases of the elbows, behind each shoulder, and on the back of my neck. All would be more red and dry and itch more as i scratched. These symptoms lasted for about 4-5 weeks. I thought it was Eczema so I applied Hydrocortisone cream to the ares and with in a day it was like 80% better and with in 3 days it was gone.

I didn't notice any blisters, but there were small open crack as seen with dry skin

The rash on my penis and scrotum is what concerns me the most. Does this sound like genital herpes at all?

Part of me thinks it may be more of an allergy from the changing seasons or from my home renovations, I may have been exposed to something, I don't know. I also had a stuffy nose what also felt like an allergy for few days in the beginning.
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I also forgot to mention that my right nipple was also very dry, itchy, and also cracked like dry skin.
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nothing you've mentioned sounds like herpes. should it reoccur,  be seen for further evaluation.

did you and your partner have full std testing that included herpes testing prior to becoming intimate?

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Yes I did and she said that she was negative as well. I was tested about a month and a half to to months after my last sexual encounter before her.

It's funny how nerve racking this can be. Its great of you guys to help and answer questions for people.

It didn't seem like anything to me but Eczema. It's nice to get a second opinion though,
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