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results, results variable, less than lgg 1.8

Just recieved results indicating hsv1 positive with lgg 1.74  (Negative for hsv2 /Under  .90 < )
         Possible exposure time 6 mos prior to test

question . What is the variability range of test Results in a very short period?.
                 Could my result  be actually at or less than 1.0 ?  (if i got tested in rapid succession  )

question    If the one and only partner i could have gotten exposure from, tests negative for hsv1 and hsv2
                 ( tested at the same time in excess of 6 months )  what are the implications of my results ? if any

Question . I understand positive  begins at Lgg 1.1,  however, i've heard that under 2.0 ( or even 3.0 ) the margin
                of error ( false positive ) increases well beyond the 5% margin of error range . Is that correct ?

question    is the 1.1 LGG  result a reliable standard to confirm HSV1  ?  Should the standard be higher ?

question   Does the low lgg result indicate recent or old exposure  since my possible exposure is more than 6 months

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