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spreading the virus

Can you get hsv 2 if you have hsv 1 and wipe your face with a towel and then wipe your genital area with it?
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hsv1 and hsv2 are 2 totally different viruses. it's not the same virus but in different locations, they are different infections.

the odds that you'd transmit your own hsv1 to your genital area are incredibly low.

also no, proactiv isn't for cold sores.  try steeping a tea bag and using it as a compress on the cold sore - cheap and helps with itching and reduces redness.  if you know you get cold sores, keep the cold sore doses of herpes antivirals around to start at the very first sign of one. You can often ward off a full blown cold sore if you start antivirals as soon as you feel like one might be coming.

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Thank you.
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