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swollen lymph node/ itchy bump

I had sex with my girlfriend for the first time about 3months ago, and we have been having regular sex since, never with a condom. Less than a month ago, i noticed my left groin lymph nodes were swollen.the right side is not at all. about 2 weeks ago i had a small itchy patch of bumps which i thought was poison ivy, as i had been doing yardwork, and then touched my penis when i went to the bathroom. it went away, now 2 weeks later in the same spot there is an itchy, painless patch of bumps about the size of a pea. the spot is located at the base of my penis on the left side of my scrotum. im getting real scared, if anyone could give me any kind of information that'd be great.
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Hi.  Don't be scared.  Be calm and smart and go to your doctor or to your local health clinic.  If you live in a city, you should be able to find a free or cheap clinic.  Maybe look in your yellow pages or use the internet.

Go there and tell them what happened.  They will look at the bumps and possibly test them and tell you what they are.

Don't try to guess what they are from looking at stuff on the internet.  Get looked at by a professional and get tested and you will know for sure.

Good luck!
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thanks, i  made an appointment at a student health clinic in an hour..
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The news isn't good. the two doctors looked at it and both thought it was herpetic. they took a sample to culture and i gave them a cup of my urine for examination. basically im hoping its hsv-1 at this point. my girlfriend does have cold sores, so there is a chance i guess .... this ******* ***** tho..
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