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I have a problem after very ruff vaginal sex that I have my for skin area becomes sore and I notice several abrasions next day. Three weeks ago while having these abrasions( in between healing) I recieved oral sex. Since this was a recurring problem with the abrasions, I did what I always did. Apply a small amount of neosporin to the affected areas( usually resoluting in positive results). This time was vary different the abrasions did not go away so i applied hydro proxcide to the area. On contact it burned extremely for several minutes. two days later I started noticing several red spots were the abrasion were located, and a sore feeling to the fore skin area. Becoming concerned I went to speak with my doctor where they administered a herpes swab test, and perscribed me acyclovir. The soreness in the fore skin went away 3 days later, but the red spots remained. I got the results from the doctor and it was said to be positive. Shortly after I had a similar blood test, urine, and swab test administered and the results were negative. Still when I have protected intercourse my forskin is left with abrasions. My question is are this symptoms of genital herpes? Is there a more accurate test I can take to determine if I have herpes? Are there any other conditions I my might have that share these symptoms?
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I am pretty sure that its symptoms on genital herpes .
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A positive swab/culture and negative blood test typically indicates a new infection. It can take up to 3-4 months for anitbodies to show as positive in a blood test. What type did the test detect, HSV1 or HSV2?

I'm not sure why you're asking if the symptoms are in fact herpes - you stated the swab was positive for herpes, which means you have it.

If you are still having lingering symptoms, there could be something else going on, say a yeast or bacterial infection. It's best to get it checked out by your medical provider.

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