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vaginal sores? itchiness

Hey guys, I’m 21 years old and scared to death rn.
I had unprotected sex with a guy 2 weeks ago, the day after i started to experience a burning feeling especially on the left side of my vagina under my vagina lip. I was kinda concerned but i thought i might of just damaged some tissue on my vagina during the sex ..
Anyways i met up with him again 8 days later and we had unprotected xxx again.. the next day i developed itchiness and over the next few days i felt burning on my vagina when i urinated .. felt like alcohol being poured onto my vagina.
I also noticed 2 ugly looking puss filled sores..
I saw a DR today who didn’t even examine me, i just told him my symptoms and showed him a blurry pic of the sores on my phone.
Since getting back home i looked at my vagina again and it looks like there’s a couple more red sores lower down close to my vagina opening.
Dr prescribed me some antibiotics to treat skin infections / UTI infections.
I am really worried this is herpes or an STI. I have questioned the guy i slept with and he’s 100% sure he hasn’t got anything.. apparently i was the first girl he ever had unprotected sex with for a year, he has no symptoms and not many sexual partners over his life time.
Day 12 and the itchiness has eased down.. i see more sores and it’s so god damn painful to pee when the urine hits the sores. He told me if the antibiotics don’t work to get tested for STD’s .. i’m just so worried right now. it also kinda hurts when i sit down on my vagina it feels kind of inflamed. I was just hoping for some advice or what you guys think this could be? the doc didn’t give me any sort of diagnosis and i have incredible anxiety.
Thanks again
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I'm so sorry this has been happening.

What kind of doctor did you see? What is the name of the medication that he gave you?

Is there a walk in clinic near you - like an urgent care or STI clinic you can go to? What about an emergency room?

It does sound like it could be an STI, but I can't say that for sure. It could be a really bad yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis, too. Without testing, it's impossible to know.

When you go, insist on testing, and insist on being examined. If they think it's herpes, ask them to do a PCR swab on it. Since it's been so many days, the PCR swab is better than a regular culture because it's far more sensitive.

Make sure they do a type specific swab, too, because if the guy gave you oral sex, it could be genital herpes type 1.

Don't panic, though, really.

In the meantime, if it hurts to pee, pour water over yourself when you urinate, or get a latex glove and cover the skin with your hand when you pee. Make sure to drink lots of water, too, because the acid in your urine is what hurts when it hits the sore skin, and the water will help dilute that.

Whatever it is, we will help you through it, and you will be okay.
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Thank you for your response!

It was just a regular male GP and he gave me Co-amoxiclav 500mg tabs.

Unfortunately there isn’t anywhere i can walk in to. The sexual health clinic near me is appointment only. I called them today and told them i want to get swabbed while i still have the infection and they told me i need to finish the abx before I talk to them.

Thank you for your advice, i’ll make sure to get the specific swab and use those methods when peeing.. I haven’t peed today yet because I just know it’s gonna burn.

Thank you
Oh my god, I'm so sorry. Do they understand you could have like an UTI AND herpes?

How frustrating.

Okay, so if you have a squirty water bottle or something, use that to pour the water over yourself as you pee. Don't hold your urine any longer as that will just concentrate the acid.

You can also use a bag of frozen vegetables on the area to help numb the pain. Don't apply it directly to the skin, though. Wrap it in a towel first, then apply it to the area.

Since they won't test you, and you are going to have to ride this out, get some topical lidocaine. I don't know where you are - I think the UK - but ask a pharmacist what is okay to use on the genitals. Don't use anything that says "cooling" - that will burn like fire.

Some people say they have gotten a lot of pain relief from hemorrhoid/piles cream. That is safe to use on the vagina.

The antibiotic you have will not cure any STI. It might cure a UTI, depending on the bacteria causing it.

I understand why they wouldn't want to test you for gonorrhea or chlamydia while you are on antibiotics, but they can test you for herpes while on antibiotics without any problems.

I'm really sorry.

He just told me that if it doesn’t clear up to go to the STI clinic, Im just so annoyed he didn’t swab, like i would of even done it myself so i can get some answers.

Yeah i’m from the UK i will definitely go to the Pharmacy tomorrow and see what they have.

I’ve just used a glove and water when I peed and it was like magic lmao, I will never take peeing for granted again aha.

Do you think Vagisil Crème is okay to use? It helped with the itchiness but I haven’t  used it for a few days because I don’t wanna make it worse.

It looks like things are going good so far though, i’ve noticed some yellow looking discharge in my pants and when i wiped but i looked at the sores and they’re not red anymore, they look like they’re starting to heal but i’m not jinxing anything

Haha I'm glad the glove and water worked. It was a trick given to me when I had my first herpes outbreak years ago, but it works whenever the skin is raw from anything.

Yes, Vagisil is fine, if it works. As long as it's safe for the genitals, it's safe to use.

Yellow discharge usually indicates an infection. It doesn't indicate which one, though. It could be gonorrhea or chlamydia or BV, or from a UTI.

I am so frustrated that they didn't test you. It's just unbelievably poor health care. Just because you have STI clinics doesn't mean they can't do STI testing.

Let me know how you're doing. :)

Thank you so much for your reply, it feels good to not feel alone :)
Aww you're welcome. :)

I hope you're feeling better today.

The other thought I had was that in the US, there are several online pharmacies where you can get Valtrex without a doctor. They are legit, too. Are there any in the UK? Some of them in the US will send a prescription to your local pharmacy so you can get it the same day. If you have to wait until next week, it won't do much good.

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