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what does titers mean

Hi,, i went in to get tested today and asked for hsv1 and 2 igg test,, and the doctor recommended i do the igm (which i know is meaningless) but i also heard him say titers,, what does that mean,, can any one educate me,, is this a valid test
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also got an hiv test done,, maybe it was meant for that
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I have not heard of titers as a test nor seen it anywhere online.  What was he talking about while he said this?
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well he didnt say much,, he examined me and said ur 7 week negative test (igg) should be good enough and that my symptoms dont suggest hsv2 and that its more of anxitey/paranoia,,,,,, but i asked the medical asst,, and she was just reading off the paper and saying hiv,herpes igg, igm titers,,, im guessing maybe its a type of measurement but just wanted to know if it was an accurate way of testing for hiv or hsv
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igm tests have been posted about and are completely useless.  7 weeks from what I have found on these forums is about 70% accurate.  It is highly suggested that you test at the earliest 12 weeks for an accurate result.  

Regarding the titers I should I done some more checking before making my post (I will take foot out of mouth now.)  I was able to find a post about titers as an old test kind of like or is igm.  Below is a link to that post and a response from our resident guru (and forum moderator) grace.  Hope this helps ya.

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Titers is the old way they used to test for herpes.  Some igm tests are still the old fashioned titer type test.  

either way, the igm test was a waste of your time.

also many older practitioners still just order titer testing for herpes out of habit even though the titer testing isn't what is being done ( we get stuck in the habit of calling certain things certain things and it's hard for us to change....lol ).  Think of it as asking someone to pass you a kleenex when it's a box of puffs sitting there ( it's a tissue but most of us get stuck with the kleenex brand name in our heads and ask for that instead of a tissue ).  

So at this point, until you get your test results back, not a lot to worry about or do to be honest.

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