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when do I expect symptoms?


Im 17 from Australia.  I am seeking to enter military service.  I never had sex in my life nor any partner or gf. I workout daily and am a bodybuilder.  On friday last 25th april me and my friends went to drink some and party in happy hours.  My friend then brought me to a massage parlour.  There was a table and a couch.  The massage ladies were in fact prostitutes and the place turned out to be a brothel.  I got a quick neck massage and the lady came directly to having sex which I refused.  

However I agreed for a handjob and she was naked. I touched her ***** and kissed her breasts and neck and cheeks.  I also sucked them all.  No lips kiss. No oral sex.  she remove my penis from slip-boxer via the opening fly and it was semi erect.  I continued to suck her and climbed on her and simulated sex.  at that time only the penis head (glans i guess we call it) was out and i grinded for some seconds (10-30s). she did handjob after masturbating herself for 5-10seconds. My penius may have touched with her vagina and belly bit during grinding for few seconds.  I cannot remember if I was in sex postion or sitting on top of her only.  But am sure I was on top of her for a few seconds.  
Then i left.  I was drunk at that time.  I remember looking closely at her vagina and saw it was red bit near the lips and thigh.  I got sick when i got out and puked a lot.  My father had to come to take me home.  It is first time I drank so much.  

My parents got the wind of what happened and I was severely punished and took some slaps;(  They told me i may have got std because sex workser have them and are risky. I am grounded for two weeks to my room now and in front my pc searching if I got an STD.  Just school and back home. No party no mobile.  I never took drugs. ever..i swear.

I examined my scrotum and penis  and mouth everyday now and saw nothing.

My questions:
1) Till when should I continue to check my penis scrotum and mouth for symptoms of lesions of herpes 1/2?
2) Till when will symptoms appear?
3)  Is there any test I should do?
4)  If I have nothing, when can I move on and lead a normal life..return to my bodybuilding and all without fear of any stds or herpes?

I really need to be in good physical and mental health to join the army.  My parents made me swear not to touch any girl till marriage now.  I am broken from fear,

thank you in adnvance if you read and reply.  I found this site by internet search.
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I also had one or two one day  cut from shaving on my lower part of penis shaft.  If it adds anything to the info i gave.
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anyone???? help
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Hi, The symptoms should appear if at all within 6-8 days. Sometime it can take up to 26 days. Go to thefact.com.au for more info.

Do not sweat over it too much. You can maintain good health irrespective of herpes.
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you really had no real risk for any std at all. there is no reason to be inspecting your genital area at all. no reason for any testing either.

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