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which is a more accurate test for hsv2? pcr blood test or urine test?

went for std checks .I'm married but work away from home and I have been doubtful even though my relationship with my husband is fine . I guess I can"t trust men especially that I spend long times away for work . pcr blood test for hsv1 and hsv2 were negative . but the urine test was positive for hsv2 . is pcr more accurate or the urine in this case ? I have no symptoms . i recall having one spot years ago that was tiny and went away in few days . do I have hsv2 bases on these findings ?
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pls can someone answer If u have any information
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A urine test for HSV? Never heard of it and certainly not the way to diagnose.

You need an IgG test type specific for HSV1 and HSV2. Only this test has credibility(apart from a swab of lesions).
the PCR blood test that I did is similar to the IGG test in fact it is suppose to be more accurate and it tells you if you have genital herpes even if you don't have symptoms. The PCR test looks for pieces of the virus's DNA and it is more expensive that's why it is not always done but in my case I went for it because I had the EBV virus which can affect the IGG blood results sometimes . the problem is I cant find information comparing it to the urine test anywhere . I have been looking and found that is it more accurate then the IGG test for example but nothing else. and I found general information about the herpes urine test but nothing that
compares it to any of the blood tests .and since I don't have any lesion I can't have a culture. I recall having a single spot 4 years ago and it went away in five days. didn't have a white head and didn't really bother me and went away on its own . so I'm not sure what to do now to understand what these results mean. the emotional stress is unbearable .

thanks a lot for answering I was beginning to give up on anyone responding . pls if u know anyone that could have an answer pass my question to them .
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What you say about PCR is correct. It could detect one particle of the virus in the Hudson. Big problem though, the virus does not live in blood.

Antibodies to the virus do however get transported in blood, this is what the IgG test does.Antibodies are there all the time, even without observable symptoms.

Hence the PCR test is not similar to IgG, there is no comparison. It is simply the wrong test and the results tell you nothing.

EBV cannot impact a HSV IgG test.

You need the IgG test, all others are to be disregarded.
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I will go back and ask the dr for the igg test . I have no idea why he told me that having ebv can affect the igg result giving false positive ! just one more question . so If that one spot I got 4 years ago was the in fact the first outbreak and I do have hsv2 does this mean I may get more severe symptoms at anytime ? I heard that usually the first outbreak is the worst or is that no always the case ?
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and thanks a lot again for ur help
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The first outbreak is the worst by far for most people, unless they suffer a severe immune system issue subsequently. If you have HSV2, then you can pretty much expect your experience to continue as it is.
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