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Does anyone here actually have HS??

All I'm seeing is posts about dudes with an std. "Whats this red bump on my penis" Which is NOT HS.

Anyway its frustating people are posting in the wrong forum. Please message me if you also suffer from HS. It would be really great to talk to someone who can relate. I'm the only person I know that has this and its rough having no one to talk to about it.
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I too have suffered severely for a few years now, 5 operations, constantly off work, depression medication & it is still getting worse

It is tough not chatting about it I know, drop me a message let's have a chin wag :)
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Yup. I've had HS for 35 years now. Formally diagnosed 19 years ago...had it since I was 10. Yes, sometimes it feel like you are the only one walking around with it. It can be quite frustrating.
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I've had HS for 10 years.
I was always knocked back by doctors; telling me it was acne or scabies. I've had major boils and abscesses in groin area, arse, thighs,  armpits, breasts and lower back. I have had many drained and lots of surgery. Unfortunately,  mine reoccur and the only time I didn't have a single flare up, was when I was pregnant. Maybe it is also a hormone imbalance as it correlates with my menstrual cycle.
However both my father and brother have HS.

Try and eat less and exercise more. It doesn't prevent it but it helps.
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I am a fellow hd sufferer. I had a very delayed diagnosis of hd years ago and at that point it took getting to stage 3 for my doctor to finally realize. And then send me to a specialist.
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I also have reoccuring sebaceous cysts. I just found out im 5 weeks along so im hoping I luck out and catch a break from hd. I am the only know person in my family with any skin condition/disease. Hd isnt genetic necessarily im assuming?
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