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How to get the doctor to take me seriously?

So to cut a long story short my mum has HS which is medically confirmed.  I suspect I have had it for a few years now but its never been bothersome to the point where I have gone to the doctors about it or anything like that, or when it has been really bad by the time I get an appointment the flair up has passed so there is no point in going. Last year I ended up in out of hours with a particularly bad flair, told them what I suspected and the doctor told me it almost 100% was HS and I should see my regular GP for a dermatology referral but when I went to the GP she said that it could be HS or it could not be but either way she didn't think I needed a referral at this stage. Now I get her point in a way, I am a medical professional myself so totally understand that she had never seen me specifically for this at the time so didn't think it was an ongoing thing or something I was really bothered about at this stage but now she wont take me seriously at all. I also have symptoms of an underactive thyroid which I know may or may not be related to the HS but she keeps totally fobbing me off and not just with this either, it took me over a year to get a simple blood test for something totally unrelated that I knew I had because I lived with someone who had it and had the exact same symptoms - when I eventually got the blood test it turned out I was right! She was never like this before I went to her with the HS. I cant change surgeries because my partner has complex mental health issues and is really trusting of the doctor he sees at the practice, I doubt he would see anyone else
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