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Possible Alternative to Standard Medical Routes?

I am not sure if it is appropriate to post this as a question - because we think we have a solution to HS. And I have read many other people that inspired our story of healing for my daughter!  This website was part of the answers we found!  Thank you all who posted your stories of recovery!!

My daughter turned 15 and was immediately met with acne on her face and back that progressively got worse. We started treating it with homeopathic remedies. That seemed to keep it in check but didn't heal it. The acne was severe and we learned it had a name - cystic acne. The medical options had adverse side affects - so just continued the cleaning and supplement regimen to keep it under control. Two years later she was 17, she had her first boil in her groin area. We had no idea what it was - actually thought it was an ingrown hair and so we treated it as such. Then she began to get one after another. I googled, I questioned friends and family. We adjusted her supplements, thinking perhaps it was tied to the cystic acne - adding coconut oil, Spirulina and Chlorella as well as probiotics. Sometimes she would get through a couple of weeks without any boils - then to have them back to back.  She was so embarrassed and overwhelmed. Then came the rashes. Rashes like what infants get with diaper rashes - on her privates and her female areas. She was miserable. Boils & Rashes! Rashes and Boils!

Our family is on a budget and cannot afford huge medical bills. In February of 2017, I cried out to God for answers. That very night - He graciously helped me find the right combination of words in google.  I'd been trying different combinations of words for the last 2 years! I saw a correlation between her cycle and the frequency of the boils - so I googled "boils and rashes that pop up in groin area during a woman's menstrual cycle" - I found the name - Hidradenitis suppurativa.  Coincidence or not (NOT!) - I had an answer. As I read article after article and blog after blog, I shook my head. As I looked at the photos - I had an answer!  My daughter had an answer!

We began reading about treatments. What we kept seeing was that DIET played a huge part in the answer.  That was 7 months ago that we began. I am happy to say that my darling daughter has gone 3 months without a single boil. And we discovered what triggered the rash. And we have seen the cystic acne on her face and back clear up!

This is her protocol that works for her. We have read many who write that everyone's journey and recovery is their own and unique.  That is the truth!  Keep searching, (keep praying), keep experimenting until you too are free from boils, rashes, acne and HS!  My daughter now follows the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol - Paleo) diet. She did elimination diet slowly, from February to June. I will list in order what she eliminated. ALL of these foods triggered either boils or rashes!

No gluten, no corn, no grains (except brown rice she can eat), no almonds, cashews, pistachios, no dairy, no legumes, no nightshades at all (no white potatoes, no tomatoes, no peppers, no eggplants, no paprika, no cumin, no cayenne, no chili powder).  AND for her the most important one to avoid - ALL sugars!  For sweeteners she can do pure raw honey, pure maple syrup and stevia in moderation - but that is ALL.  If she has something that has a hidden sugar she will get a rash.  

As she got the boils at the beginning - we treated by washing the area, doing apple cider and Epsom salt baths and keeping colloidal silver and tea tree oil on the wound. That helped them from becoming infected.

And one more thing - she always had sensitive skin. She has always been allergic to avocado oil lotions and perfumed lotions. We also knew she was allergic to latex - we found out when she was little with Band-Aid reactions.  But we discovered this summer that she is allergic to feminine hygiene products which was triggering rashes during her cycle. She purchased Thinx period panties - and she used them for her cycle and that was the first time she did not get a rash during her period.

For such a long time she was so devastated by an unknown illness. Then shocked to find out what it was but scared when she read that she would suffer from it forever! But we kept praying and searching and now she is on a journey to healing!
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