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does this sound like hs?

for a while now, i've been getting "acne" on my butt. it started worrying me when i also got it in my right armpit. i did some research and found out about hs, and panicked a bit once i read more about it.
i went to see my doctor, and he insisted that i didn't have hs. however, i'm not sure why i'm getting pimples in these weird locations. they're small, don't drain, and go away within a day or two, but they always come back , and are in the areas that hs shows up in. they also aren't due to shaving, sometimes i'll stop shaving for a while to see if it helps but it doesn't. benzoyl peroxide seems to help them somehow.
i feel like i need someone who actually has hs to help me be able to tell whether i could have it or not. it's causing me lots of anxiety...i'm scared that one day i'll see a huge boil instead of a little pimple on my armpit or butt.
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Hi Ana,

I have had HS and the bumps are normally very very painful and appear in multiples. If you are experiencing them under your arm and in the crack of your butt it sounds like it could be HS. Try detoxing your body. Low sugar, low carb, and lots of protein & veggies. I have been doing this for the last six months and I have not had a breakout. I stopped shaving close also. Let me know if this works for you.
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