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hidradenitis suppurativa


Is there anyone who has been diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa  on their thighs. I want to send some photos and see if it matches as I do not have access to a proper Dermatologist who can hep me?

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H.S. is often in multiethnic places, the armpits, under breasts, groin, bottom, pretty much anywhere you sweat a lot. I have had some of the abscesses on my upper inner thighs, near my bikini line. Do you get Abscesses/cysts/boils? With H.S. you do. They Are often large, red, warm to the touch,pus-filled abscesses that can drain on their own or have to be cut open by a doctor to drain. Sometimes you may get one or two here and there,  sometimes you can go a while aithout getting any, sometimes it can flare up and cause multiple abscesses all at once. Some of these can be recurrent and come back after being drained. Surgery can often remove these stubborn recurrent cysts for good. Hope this info helps, please give more info on your symptoms. While only a doctor can diagnose you, those of us with H.S. may be able to answer questions you have!
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Hi yeah thanx , I have these pimple like bumbs on my inner thighs that grow about 0.5cm in diameter. After they burst the leave dark red/purple patches of skin that look very ugly :'(. I have only gotten one new one in the last two weeks. But the same ones are still there. About 8 ones stay the same and dont really change in size or colour. I have tried hot towelling and acne cream but the results are either to slow or non existant...
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