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What are some alternative methods that can lower blood pressure?

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I think the questions are self explanatory and do not need elaboration.
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Consider doing the DASH diet, as it promotes eating foods that are low in sodium (ex: fresh fish, nuts, legumes, etc).  Also consider adding activity to your day if you're not currently active.  Exercise can help strengthen your cardiovascular system and improve circulation.  Lastly, find ways to lower / manage stressful situations. That could help as well.

There are of course, also genetic / hereditary factors that can play a role.  Track your BP using a cuff at home or visit a store that has one to see how you trend for a few days. Then, take that to your MD and see what recommendations s/he may have.

Hope this helps.  Changing my diet was a key way to get my BP under control.
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Adjustments to diet and exercise/fitness routines can help. I'd still recommend seeing a doctor, as they can provide advice on diets and types of exercise you may specifically benefit from.
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I was taking amlodipine and my doctor told me to stop since my bp was staying within range, my doctor just recently prescribed a med for IBS and that is causing my bp to go back up so now I am having to start taking it again and it has climbed to 168/108 which I think is not good
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Hi ..You can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease by following tips like as,

-Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline
-Exercise regularly
-Eat a healthy diet
-Reduce sodium in your diet
-Limit the amount of alcohol you drink
-Quit smoking
-Cut back on caffeine
-Reduce your stress
-Monitor your blood pressure at home and see your doctor regularly.
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