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29 Years old with high BP scared to use amlodipine

Start of the year put about  30lbs on with comfort eating/drinking rubbish and for about 12 weeks have had pains come and go in chest aswell as recently light headeness. I  Have being A&E and had ECG,Chest Xray, blood test and blood pressure which were fine other than Blood pressure was high and ever since then my blood pressure tends to stay on the high side.

It sits anywhere between 115/70 up to 160/95 on a normal day but today when I went to see my doctor It was 144/111 and he was not happy. I have being given atenlol prior but was put off after reading side effects. Then was told again it was anxiety causing these pains so was given sertraline which I have begrudgingly took for the past 10 days alongside 1 diazepam 2mg daily but I am still light headed and have a weird tingle/pain sensation around my chest sometimes hence my visit today.

I have being told to continue sertraline and use diazepam as and when needed but to also take 1 amlodipine 5mg daily ro bring the bp down and that these were extremely safe wirh the only real side effect being swelling of ankles but to go back if that happens.

I have come home and tested my bp and it is averaging about 130/90 but have being looking online about this amlodipine and seen people even call it poison.

Is there any one here who uses it? Does it work? Is it worth it?

Im about ready to starve myself as I have never in my whole life needed tablets (other than when I had tonsiliutius in my youth)I was a smoker but cut that out about 6/7 weeks ago, dont really drink only st like xmas/birthday, dont drink caffeinated drinks but am a sucker for a Chinese takeaway which I am now trying to cut out........

If any ine has a DASH diet meal plan I would also love to see one
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So, I think you are supposed to trust a BP taken at home when it is done first thing in the morning?  Losing weight helps BP.  Regular exercise is a must. They report that even 30 minutes a day of brisk walking will help BP and it can be broken up into segments as long as a segment is at least 10 min at a time for an effect.  

Dash diet. There are lots of books on this.  Sodium is part of it and that was hard for me. But you have to look for low sodium options.  This means all canned goods and prepared foods have to be scrutinized. Tomato based canned products, even canned green beans!  They make low sodium versions and this is what you need to go to.

Eating kind of clean is a start.  Less prepared things in general, no fast food, etc.  I make things like chicken rice soup made with brown rice.  Fish that is baked with lime juice. Fresh vegetables, steamed. Salads.  Low sugar peanut butter with celery.  Hummus with carrots.

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cbd oil lowered mine
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