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Are throbbing veins above the temple related to hypertension?

Hello, I am a 43 year old man, weigh a muscular 280 lbs and am 6'2". I have been working out aggressively and using the dry sauna at my gym. As of late I have come home experiencing a throbbing of the veins in my head above my temples. I do consume two to three monsters before I work out. I do not experience headaches or Any other adverse symptoms. Can anyone tell me if this is a sign of hypertension?
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First, it never hurts to check in your blood pressure- so I'd get to the doctor or a pharmacy and just take a reading to see where you are at.

Second, the monster drinks you are consuming can cause some serious issues- including increasing your risk of heart attack.  Consuming two-three at a time is very dangerous.  It's very important to get off of that habit as soon as possible.  

I'd really recommend going for a physical to see where you are at- hope you are feeling better and rid of the headaches soon!  
Thank you for the response! I have limited my consumption of energy drinks and I think it is helping. I have noticed that the sauna helps immensely . After doing some further reading , and paying attention to my Body I'm leaning towards it being related in part to a build up of heavy metals and or toxins . When I Do the sauna I can feel an immediate difference and when I do it twice or more weekly and limit my caffeine consumption the problem is nonexistent. So feeling great and thank you for your time!
Glad to hear that you are feeling better!
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