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Chronic daytime fatigue and pressure on right side of head

This is regarding my husband who has been suffering from head ache (a kind of dull pressure over his forehead and back of the head for a quite long time from now) which is on and off and does not have any impact on his daily activities or have a defined time/activity which may trigger it.
Before few months he was suffering from chronic day time fatigue where he used to fall asleep/feel tired when he sits idle in a place for some time. We thought it was related to his work and did not bother much about that. Before a month he was complaining about the muscle twitching all over his body, his right side arm & right side of face getting numb (not to an extent that he could not feel anything but a weird feeling of little weakness in arms and a very little stiffness in face which was not present all the time)
As my husband was previously suffering from hypertension, with the above symptoms showed up we consulted a general physician who has ordered all the regular blood tests including liver, renal and thyroid function test and everything came to be positive. Later he has put him on BP medication and did not bother much about the feeling of pressure on the right side of the head. Recently he has been experiencing a series of muscle twitches over his left eye brow as well.
As the pressure on the head was bothering us we had consulted a neurologist and he has checked him for basic things like speaking, vision, movement, etc (which all were normal) and checked the eyes and joints and informed that it is a nerve problem and put him on a medication for 10 days and adviced a MRI if the symptoms persists. We have completed the course, presently the symptoms have come down (face stiffness, arm weakness is very less but the pressure on the head is still there but not the occurrence is less). In between we have taken the vitamin D tests for him and it came to be 16.4 ng and he was put on 50000 iu capsules for 7 weeks. Please advice us  whether the symptoms which were presented before could be because of vitamin D deficiency  and should we wait for some time after taking the vitamin D supplement or should we have to take the MRI scan to investigate further.
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So, in reading this, what comes to mind is stress and anxiety.  Does your husband have a stressful job?  
Thanks for your time and reply...his job is not a stressful one but yes the level of his anxiety is high!
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I think men can put a tremendous amount of pressure on themselves as the money earners and all jobs can be very stressful.  I'm asking this because I do tend to read a lot of anxiety in what is happening to him.  Is that something he could talk to his doctor about?  Anti depressants like SSRI's or SSNI's do a great job of keeping that more balanced.  How is the rest of his lifestyle?  Eating right, resting/sleeping well and exercising?
Rest of his lifestyle is normal apart from his slight obesity.
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Okay, well, that's good.  It is worth losing weight any time one is worried about a cardiac problem or has borderline high blood pressure.  Is the anxiety theory one that seems possible to you?  is he open or is your culture open to talking about that with a doctor?
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