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Clonidine Erectile dysfunction, any meds that are better?

So i hate my primary care doctor. He’s stubborn and doesnt seem to care about anything. Example: I had a CHUNK of my nose completely ripped off and i couldnt get a note for more than 5 days off work because I “don’t technically need a nose to work.”

Anyway, i am in my 30s and have high blood pressure. Without meds its around 150/100 plus or minus 10 on both sides.

Doc prescribed chlonidine 6 months ago. .1mg before bed.  Didnt really do much, lowered it maybe 5 tops. Said to go 2x a day. Lowered it between 6-8, still high and i feel extremely tired and week for half the day now.

Complained that i wanted to try something else. All he says is do 2 pills twice a day lol. Now i REALLY  feel like crap.

And recently the side effect of ED.

Before clonidine i could have sex literally 10 times a day, would still get random erections like i was a teenager. Always beem this way. About 2-3 days after going to 1 pill 2x a day, i would still get erections, but they were MUCH softer and wouldnt last very long.

Since going to 2 pills 2x a day, my guy is almost completely dead now. I have to basically watch porn for 30 min to even get it half hard, its extremely frusteating and now i dont even want to try to have sex out of sheer embarassment.

Has anyone else experienced this?  And if so, any meds that worked better?  I want to ask my doc about a few since he is dead set on this clonidine for some reason.

A year ago i tried lisinopril and i coughed all day long non-stop so i dont think i can do that one.  

Thank you
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