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Do i have hypertension/prehypertension?

Hello, im 30 years old unmarried, for past two months i have been having fluctuating bp. Some sample readings for past few days are below.
Jan 2018 : 128/86 digital,
22-jan-2018: 121/85 3pm digital, 131/74 5pm digital
23-jan-2018: 110/70, 5pm manual
24-jan-2018: 131/82, 10am digital, 120/70, 10pm manual
25-jan-2018: 140/80, 8.30pm, manual
27-jan-2018: 144/74, 133/86( high pulse rate of 111 and 128) digital
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What prompted you to begin taking regular blood pressure readings?  So,  there is a systolic number on top and a diastolic number on bottom.  Your diastolic numbers area always within normal.  That's good.  You show a high systolic reading on the last two days in particular and borderline on the 24th.  So, it warrants more investigation.  Most docs when trying to get a pattern of BP will have you take your blood pressure upon waking.  I really am guessing you are fine (and sure are young to have hypertension)--- but if I were in your shoes, I'd go for a physical and take these readings with you.  They may then have you monitor your heart with explicit directions of what they need you to do.  Let us know how it goes.
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