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Elevated heart rate and blood pressure - am I at risk for stroke?

I am a male, 21 year old. 140 lbs, 6ft. With a resting heart rate ranging from 90 to 108. Sometimes up to 120. I check it every hour. And It's been like this for around 2 years now. Though recently in last few weeks I've been getting new things with my heart. Sometimes its pounding for a couple of seconds. Sometimes the rhythm feels weird/different. Sometimes its like listening to a messy song for a few seconds. Sometimes their is a little discomfort. And something new, my heart rate is at around 60-75. Don't know if that's good or bad. I don't really feel great at those times. Half the day I am fatigued, weak, lightheaded. I sit down at my desk for like 95% of the day usually. or laying down.

I also have blood pressure of 137/83. Don't know for how long it's been sort of high though. I had it checked 2 weeks ago when I went to the hospital during a supposed anxiety attack when I was having lots of heart issues (probably worst attack ever, though i personally feel it was a mini heart attack or something do to how differently I felt) So I am following my health advice given at my last hospital visit I had 2 weeks ago when I had an anxiety attack. Which is 30 min light exercise a day, 5 days a week. eat 3 healthy meals a day. And continue to do my best to live more relaxed, calm, stress free.

I also use to have severe anxiety, getting like 2-3 attacks every third week. For one year. Then it lessened to around 1 every fifth week the next half year. And in the last 4 months its just been two times in the last 4 days when tons of things were happening. I have very poor self confidence, social anxiety. And i'm daunted, worry, a little fearful about being able to keep up/handle my future- college, job and future career. But recently i began getting help now so every thing is getting better. Things are a lot better and less stressful.

I'm also pretty sure I had chronic ear infections for like the last past 2 years (which is finally being treated because I would forget about it a lot and my family never believed it was serious enough or believed it needed a trip to the doctor.) Symptoms for both ears were: ringing, popping noises, pain, pressure, and temporary drop in hearing ability. I also have been taking my antibiotics for ears for about 20 days now but the bottle feels half full. I am going to call my doctor tomorrow but maybe you can help since I am telling you all this now. The antibiotic eardrops are called Neomycin/polymixin/H. I think the infection was caused by twisting and popping my neck  the time. So i've been working to stop that habit. The constant ear infection does make me worry if I maybe suffered possible kidney damage or have a disease after it all and with my regular high heart rate and medium high blood pressure I do worry if that is a bad mix and could lead to something worse. But i don't feel educated enough to make that call.

Also ( A warning for those uncomfortable about personal bedroom stuff) I use to masturbate 1-3 a day every day for 4 years. I would always feel drained after. And would be very irritable after. Obviously one of the main causes for my anxiety. But i'm getting lots of help in this also by professionals. Things are more controlled. I do hobbies, spend time with family, relax, watch movies, etc.

So I wanted to know, giving you this information, whether you can say I am in poor condition, AND if my health situation is grave AND how my health is looking in the future if I DO NOT change my lifestyle for the better and what are my chances of stroke/heart attack or other organ problems at this time. I always felt like I was over-exegarating my health situation by what everyone said, especially my family, because I never was told that I was poor condition or that things were kinda looking sticky even though it felt that way and a lot of the time things did feel that way and I did feel in poor condition. I was hoping this could give some solace. I could also provide my blood work results if you need more info. The test is CBC with differential/Platelet.

Thank you so much if anyone can help.
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Hello, sorry no one has answered you.   So, you do sound pretty anxious.  This is a chronic situation for you?  How did you come to check your bp and heart rate so frequently?  The lower your resting heart rate, obviously the better. Under 100 is normal.  Checking it every hour isn't really necessary for most people.  I have a wearable and it catches it once a day.  And I can check it other times and it is always higher than the one they capture.  But I can't imagine checking it hourly.  I'm guessing you have health anxiety.  Have you talked to your doctor about this.  You are doing things right.  You exercise regularly, eat well.  You don't mention your weight but guessing it is fine and you are young.  You are getting your bp reading WHILE at the hospital for an anxiety attack.  That would be an obvious time for it to be elevated.   I think you should go after the virus scare is over and have a physical.  Explain 1. you worry about your heart so to give you an exam including clearing that and explain what you think about the resting heart rate.  and 2. that you have significant health anxiety impacting you to the point of checking your heart rate hourly.    Your heart rate will increase from fear and anxiety.  this is a proven fact.  https://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/calm-your-anxious-heart  What about getting some apps for your phone to focus on calming down.  Something like Head Space or Calm.  These help you practice meditation and other things that will perhaps help calm this anxiety.  But therapy and medication may be necessary as well.  good luck
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