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Heartbeat feeling on neck/ears/eyes

Back in June, I had a feeling of my heartbeat on my neck when I tried to sleep. I went to the doctors and I had high blood pressure. I went on lorazepam and it went back down to normal with the med. since then, I had the continued feeling. I have went to the heart doctors and am on a heart monitor but I have not received any phone calls that they need to see me. About a month ago, I started feeling my heartbeat in my eyes when I try to sleep and it’s about everynight. I recently went to a ear/nose/throat doctor and he said everything seems fine. Neither of my three doctors seem to see anything is wrong. Why am I feeling my hearbeat when I am resting? It’s driving my crazy since I didn’t have this before.
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I have also had EKGs done and blood work and everything is normal.
I’m new and can’t edit this but I am on   lisinopril for blood pressure.
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