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High BP & IUD

Does anyone else notice BP elevation after IUD insertion?  I started on IUD since 8/1/2018 (3 months ago).  My BP has been averaging 130/85 compared to my normal BP 100/60.  I thought it was some sort of kidney dysfunction since I also have multiple bilateral moderately complex kidney cysts.  But I’ve heard at least one other lady who had the same BP issue with IUD.  Thus, I wonder if IUD (progesterone only ones) can indeed significantly elevate blood pressure.  Please share your knowledge, thoughts, and experiences on this topic.  Thank you!
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Hormones can impact blood pressure. I'm proof positive.  I'd call your doctor as this may not be the best thing for you!  Let me know how you are doing!
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not typically.  I work ob/gyn, asked one of the NPs. she checked with any updates, this is not listed as side effect.  I would check in to the kidney issue as that can be linked to BP problems.
Thanks!  My primary care doctor is tracking my kidney function now.  Last lab showed stage 3 kidney disease.  I was so bummed!  My kidney was healthy the year before (except for multiple Bosniak 2F bilateral complex cysts).  I stopped all medications and could only hope that my kidney function would bounce  back.  Recently, I find myself cancelling doctor appointments, skipping labs, not responding messages from my doctor's office...... I know this is not good for me.  I'm just feeling like crap and so scared to find out what is going on......
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