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High BP with normal or low Pulse
I am an 80 year old asian male.
I am 171 cms 165 lbs suffering from hypertension for the last 2 months.When I wake up in the morning my BP is around 180/100 but pulse is around 70.I have been taking Norvasc 5mg with RAN-Atenolol-50 mg but my BP does not come down.
I never experience any symptoms nor do I have any water retention.
I have also got my blood works done sometime back and had elevated levels of Triglycerides and am taking Rosuvas 5 mg for that for almost 4 months.
In the same test my BUN Creratine levels were OK with my GFR around 82.
However strangely when I take paracetamol with glucose my BP comes down to 140 levels and my pulse is stable around 75.
Also when I do some exercise my BP tends to be normal.
I also suffered from Wet Pleuresy as a young man in the 60's due to which I have a collapsed lung.
Of late aprrox 1.5 years ago I have been feeling stiffness on my left chest side for which I do some stretching excersice.
A recent spirometry showed my right lung to be OK.
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