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How did you find out about your high blood pressure issue?

So many people have high blood pressure and don't really know- it can be a problem without any symptoms.  What is your story for how you found out about your high blood pressure?  Was there something that caused you to check it out specifically?
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I found out when I was pregnant at 25. I ended up on bedrest the last month of my pregnancy. I'm now 34 and have been on meds since I had my daughter:
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Hi! I don't have high BP (yet !) but both my parents do, and there's plenty of history of heart disease, diabetes and high BP on both sides of my parents' family.

My mother found out she has high BP very early on during a routine check up, with her headache etc. My father found out he has diabetes in 2008, and we believe he had been diabetic for a while by then. He recently suffered (may 2017), a massive heart attack and cardiac arrest, where he had to be defibrillated FIVE TIMES to revive his heart again! This is with ZERO history of heart disease, no high cholesterol levels or BP issues - until the attack that nearly killed him!

So we found out he has an almost 90% blockage, high cholesterol AND high BP- all of a sudden! out of nowhere! and he would get tests done regularly, etc.

I believe it is the diabetes that is the culprit here.
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